Tayseer Khaled: The leaks about deal of the century reveal the complicity between USA and Israel

Tayseer Khaled , member of the The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), member of the politbureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has stated , that the Executive Committee of (PLO) cannot be part to a political settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that does not provide sufficient guarantees for the establishment of a Palestinian state with full sovereignty over all Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 including East Jerusalem , and does not provide adequate guarantees to protect  the rights of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, they were displaced from in 1948 .

He added that the leaks recently published about the so-called deal of the century expose the essence of complicity between the US administration and the government of Israel in many details, such as the claim that the deal calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state on 90% of the West Bank, while at the same time came in contradiction and indicates that the state territories would reduce the area to 60% of the West Bank after excluding East Jerusalem and its environs and excluding not only the settlement blocs but even the settlements it calls isolated, such as Itamar, Yitzhar and other settlements , that became Incubator for Jewish terror organizations in the West Bank.

Khaled continued that these leaks reveal the extent of complicity between the US administration and the Israeli government when it comes to Jerusalem as capital for two states , where Israel maintains West Jerusalem and parts of East Jerusalem as its capital , while the capital of Palestine is in surrounding East Jerusalem with sovereignty over the Arab neighborhoods of the city. The Old City and its surrounding Arab neighborhoods or what Israel calls the "holy basin" remains under Israeli sovereignty and a joint administration between Palestinians, Jordan and possibly other countries, which would also aspire the miserable deal and facilitate the passing of the US administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and in this manner justify the US administration policy that  circumvented the resolutions of international legitimacy, which affirm that East Jerusalem is an occupied city and an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories in 1967. And confirm that all  Israeli measures and regulations on Jerusalem are null and void.

Khaled pointed out that the US administration and its tripartite team in charge of marketing the deal in a number of Arab, regional and international circles must be aware , that the Palestinian side cannot be a part to a settlement that require surrender to the policy of the Israeli rulers and their expansionist ambitions in Jerusalem and other West Bank governorates and require concessions in the rights of the Palestinian people, including the rights of refugees to return to their homes , nevertheless to insist on such leaks by the Us administration could help hunt two  birds with one strike, and create an atmosphere to overcome the Arab peace plan, adopted by the Arab League summit in Beirut in 2000 , and held the Palestinians responsible for rejecting peace projects, as a justification for the next step to arrange the situation in the region in the long-term strategic interests of the United States and the State of Israel at the expense of the interests and rights of peoples of the region , which requires a clear and unequivocal position from Arab countries to reject the deal of the century and provide protection of the Palestinian position to that ominous deal.


19.1.2019                                                                                                                           Press Office


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