Take a look at the story
in The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell,
which tells what happens when
3/4 of the population of the world disappears; that in the exchange
of our goods
money can still be held back
by The Cash Mob Elite
to control and maintain
the interest system to remain
in place
as long as the money remains

By Russell Morris
Wages would indeed go up
and rentals would indeed be lower in cost,
But in the exchange of our goods,
I mean all of those goods that are
manufactured by our factories,
the hoardable form of money
would still control whether business is done or not;
I mean whether inventories are able to be sold
or left to build up unsold,
or else taking a sharp decline in price,
and this once again will leave us
in the same predicament we have been in for a long time; unsustainable;
never reaching the level of the production of consumable wares
which simply levels off
to the sustainable industrial output,
and moves on to be improved and refined by investment into
research and development,
without the ups and downs
of the cycles of booms and busts
which are FORCED upon us
by The Cash Mob Elite
and their secret hidden leverage device;
cash paper money
which is hoardable and
easily hidden.
I say this just in case anyone is thinking that there will be ultra abundance when there are fewer people on the planet.
You would be wrong,
there is abundance now, and it is not distributed properly.
Having more abundance does not mean it will be distributed properly.
We have no time to waste now
as we are faced with
the coronavirus.
We need the money
free from interference and obstruction
in order for business to function optimally
at this time of great need.
And something very unexpected could happen
during this time of an infectious threat.
The paper money,
once it is released from
the dark realms;
after Demurrage is declared on
The US dollar
would likely not be accepted well for handling physically
and so ALL
of this cash paper money would probably enter into the flow of circulation,
where it would be very well managed by President Trump and his Team
and The Demurrage Gang.
I should say ultimately managed,
and put to use immediately
in all of the areas where it is needed,
probably even to fund
“The Basic Income with Demurrage”;
that is, the basic income which melts just before the next payment is received.
And this would put our factories on the right path
for properly distributing all of the inventories
and then delivering to all of the factories the “historic next order”,
which would be the first ever accurate order
not depending on forecasts and predictions or guesses
or even theories.
And of course a lot of this money would go towards infrastructure improvements
For making the deliveries,
which will in fact be lighter now that they are accurate.
It would be nice if there were
think tanks
which would consider
unhoardable money
in their visions.
Then they would be much more optimistic and not so fearful.
Even just the thinking process would be much healthier.
The news would also be healthier.
And one person that wants to change the news a lot is President Trump
and his Team
and The Demurrage Gang.
They all know
about unhoardable money with Demurrage.
And they want and need the hidden money to make all of the deals work.

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