By Russell Morris


Maybe you can’t imagine
Our industrial complex
When it is fully free to develop
Because we are using
Money with Demurrage.
I can help you.

Continuously refined
Very flexible, very automated,
Very efficient. Practically no impact
On the Natural Resources’

The Human Race
Free-ed and able to pursue
Our true nature;
Part physical
Part spiritual
Hybrid being,
The Hand of GOD,
Pure and clear
With no interference
or obstruction.

The healing of this world
Being accomplished
Much quicker than you
Might think.
And the enrichment of
Other   new worlds
To accommodate
What we,
As humans,
Are sent to prepare for.

Declaring Demurrage
on the US dollar
Is the first step in this direction.
That is,
The opposite from  the direction we are now moving in.

The Rest of The Journey
Will be beyond
Anything which can be

Are you ready?
Angel NicGillicuddy ?
Operation ShiBboLeTh

PS President Trump and
The Demurrage Gang
know all of this


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