It's Time to Rotate The Crops

Long Term Government Leasing
of National Public Lands
To our Agricultural Workers
is The Next Step
in the very Strategic Path
to declaring
on The US dollar.

And how is leasing done?
NOT with a loan.

The Old Farm Lands can heal
and be Transformed
in LOTS of ways.
this   is where we need you.

What will happen with
the leasing income ?
LOTS of Options:
Paying down The National Debt is one.
Another is
using it to provide funding for
The Basic Income with Demurrage,
where the Distribution Dilemma is finally straightened out
so that the inventory
gets to Who and Where needs it.
And,  to send to our Miraculous Industrial Complex
the realistic, appropriate
"Historic Next Order",
to put our Amazing Industrial Complex
on The Right Path.

The Basic Income with Demurrage
is given in payments
at intervals    which reflect
the receiver's  ability  to manage  money
(even daily  if necessary  for some.   others
receive weekly.
Money remains  in circulation  better   that way.
And this means
LOTS LESS money is  required
than when  hoardable money is used.

Each Payment  "melts"  completely
just before  the next payment  is  received.

The Basic Income  with Demurrage
will support us  as we  migrate
to adapt
to Climate Changes.

The Basic Income  should NOT  leave the country of it's issue.
and in fact,   it can't.  It melts too quickly.

And,  The Basic Income is given   only to citizens
of the country where it is engaged.
All  the countries  will easily follow
The First  to declare demurrage
on it's National Money.

The Demurrage Gang
will support each other
( Trump, MbS, Modi, Abe, Xi, Boris
and more are joining quickly )
in our Battle
against The Beast.
It is weakening,
all The Dark Forces  are  weakening
as more  and  more  CASH
is strategically  flushed  out  of hiding
in The Dark Realms.
The Dark Forces
are being UNFUNDED.

The Final Battle;
Armageddon   is coming.  Soon.
But not too soon.   First,   to weaken The Beast
so that retaliation
is not so  drastic   and  dangerous.
The Final Blow  is  coming:
Declaring Demurrage   on The US dollar.

Message  to The Beast:
If   you want  to bury your
hidden CASH
into The Lands,
then  you better do it quickly.
Because very soon
the available Lands
will ALL be leased long term.
It's Time
to Rotate The Crops.
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGilliciddy


The Liberum

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