Trump calling on Silvio Gesell

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By Russell Morris


“I am a traveler of time and space.”
Angel NicGillicuddy

It’s very easy to be bipartisan
when the decision comes
to declaring Demurrage on The US dollar.

More and more
cash paper US dollars are surfacing again
and the biggest receiver of this cash
the landlord.
And from there
it goes to the landlord’s
mortgage payment.
if there is a shortage of food
then this cash money
goes to that  priority
and not the mortgage ...
nor the rent.
President Trump himself
is a huge landlord
mortgage holder
and so he is very involved
in this economic predicament personally
unlike the politicians.
And remember
he is now studying options
which were being revealed
during the years 1911 through 1914.
And this includes Silvio Gesell’s ideas about
The Natural Economic Order
which were alive
and being well known
around the world
during this period;
reference The Free Economy League
And The Free Economy Publishing Company USA Austin Texas.

Let’s take a closer look
at the predicament
President Trump is facing
which is the same predicament
which our whole country of
“land owners“
are also facing;
the mortgage predicament;
The mortgage
on the land
upon which sits
our whole industrial complex and the agricultural complex and the resort business complex
and even the digital industries
(they have an even heavier predicament than just the mortgage one; LOTS of operating loan debt)
So what happens
when the mortgage
does not get paid ?
And let us especially
look at this
on the national level
and on that nation’s
Central Bank.
How does this affect
The Central Bank ?
It means that
more and more
the books of The Central Banks
become imbalanced
because less and less
of the interest part
on their loans
is being received.
This would normally mean
that it is time for a
forced recession;
a calling in of loans.
at this time
that would result
in a very extreme collapse,
and not just a slow descent as usual.
All of the tools
which the central banks
normally use
are being very intelligently and cleverly
However the spread of
the problem,
which is by the way
like  “the invisible hand”,
is growing.
There is one tool left
and that is the tool
which is being discussed right now;
the one
which President Trump is looking at
which was being revealed
during the years
1911 through 1914.
The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell
was alive
and being well known
around the world at that time.
(Reference Worgl and Swanenvek)

The implementation of this tool;
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell
is being discussed right now.
It will be engaged by this summer, our farmers are depending on it,
and our industrial complex
depends upon the farmers.
For more information about
The Natural Economic Order
and Silvio Gesell
and Hugo R. Fack
see 82 articles about
unhoardable money with Demurrage
written by Russell Morris,
published by
The Levant News
during this past one year,
and in the context
of what has been happening
over the last 3 1/2 years.

It is very easy to be bipartisan
when it comes to the decision
about declaring Demurrage
on The US dollar;
It unfunds The Dark Forces.
And it drains
The Swamp.
it brings to the surface
an unimaginable quantity
of cash paper US dollars
which are currently behind
lots of confusion and suffering
on this planet
and also for this planet.


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