UAE first to move to Internet Protocol Version 6 in Middle East

The UAE ranked first in the Middle East in the transition to Internet Protocol Version 6, according to statistics from Ripe NCC, Akamai Technology and Google, less than two years after it has been launched in the country by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The transition to IPv6 will have a significant positive impact on the implementation of 5G mobile technologies and digital transformation in the UAE on the back of the inability of IPv4 to meet the growing demand in light of the rapid growth in internet use.

Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of TRA, said, "TRA's efforts to implement IPv6 are part of our strategy for the future, especially for the internet and its applications in the UAE. There is a growing reliance on the internet for communication not only between people, but between different devices to serve man."

"When we launched the first phase of the transition to the sixth edition of the internet, we aspired to expand the horizons of the internet in the country, based on the UAE strategy for Artificial Intelligence launched by the leadership as a pillar to achieve the Vision 2021."

Al Mansouri expressed his gratitude to internet service providers in the UAE, Etisalat, du and Ripe NCC's regional office in Dubai for their cooperation with the TRA and their work helping in the transition.

"The internet is the backbone of the era of artificial intelligence, the fourth industrial revolution, and big data, and therefore we must take all measures that provide investors, companies and institutions with internet protocols, and work to accommodate the exchange of data between millions of devices. "

The UAE Smart Government is preparing plans and adopting future strategies necessary for the implementation of IPv6, including security standards, expansion and meeting the growing demand for communication in the era of data flow and the Internet of Things.

The TRA is working with the country's internet service providers, Etisalat and du, to formulate the best strategies and policies towards the transition and ensure a better future for the internet sector in the UAE.

The TRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ripe NCC, aiming to enhance mutual cooperation and exchange of expertise between different sectors for the development of the internet in order to improve the efficiency of internet operations in Middle East.

Source: WAM


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