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By Russell Morris


How to tell the story
about Usury
without just affirming
the hoardable money with interest
trick system?...

First of all, be careful using the word   interest
while explaining what usury is.
Interest comes as a consequence
of using a form of money which is hoardable.

Whenever money is hoarded
it is because of some
The degree of fear is what causes hoarding.
Mainstream Media, owned by
The Cash Mob Elite;
The ones with the most cash paper money ( mostly US dollars)
The level of fear.
But always some is there,
like a gun to our head.
More fear = more hoarding of money,
which has disastrous consequences for our economy
(any economy).
Economy being, ultimately,
the exchange or flow of
Natural Resources.

Using unhoardable money with Demurrage
we are compelled
to return the money to circulation no matter what the fear factor.
And this gets things done
to help the situation or predicament,
if indeed there is something actually wrong.
We are not nearly as prone to reacting fearfully
when we use
unhoardable money with Demurrage.

Very soon, after Demurrage is formally declared on The US dollar,
the smooth steady flow of money will be reflected
in the smooth steady sustainable flow of natural resources.

When we begin using unhoardable money with Demurrage,
gradually, eventually
loans will be interest-free,
and since none of the money is able to be hidden and used
in The Dark Realms,
The money system will,
for the very first time ever,
be manageable.
And at the same time
The Dark Forces
will be UNFUNDED.

And now
When I have some  thing
and then I find out that you need or want this thing
I can embarrass you by not giving it to you.
Once I have embarrassed you
now I can take advantage of you
by demanding that you give me something “extra” in return
before I handover that what you want or need.
I ask for this extra part
because of my ego.
Ego is the natural impulse
we are all given
which is there to protect my self; who I am.
Whether that “I am”  is distorted or not
is another matter.
There is no getting rid of the ego,
it is GOD given, a natural
impulse to protect your self,
The Temple of GOD.

is a device
which was brought to us to help us work better together.
And indeed we can work miracles now
even far greater than Jesus,
just like He said we would,
because this money enabled the division of labor ( toil, tasks, work )
which is necessary
for all of us
to live here on Earth
and peacefully.

The division of labor makes possible
the creation of more
than the creators,
even need.

Money is needed and indispensable for paying the workers
doing all the different parts of a job,  from providing raw materials
to manufacturing to shipping
to replenishing
to refining
the production system.
These last two get cut from the budget first
when we enter the forced recession.
Money is also needed to make
the sell
of all, including the “extra”  inventory
quicker, easier, and “cheaper”.
Cheaper in the sense of more efficient commerce,
not lower price.
These are the purpose of money.

Barter is still possible of course,
it never has “left” us.
And of course one can produce everything on his own as long as
everything needed is right there at his fingertips.
But this is a magic trick
which requires that practically nothing
is actually done by the maker.
And which is certainly possible,
as many
sitting gurus
But this trick requires that someone else be there to do the work.
A little like a slave, or a servant.
Even this
slave or servant
will run into money problems
as long as the hoardable money with interest
is used,
the servant or slave
will be affected,

We all want to serve the good GOD in our hearts.
We are not dark hearted
like The Pope says.
We persist
and are very patient workers
always with love very close,
in our hearts.
The problem is not us.
It is the defective money which we have been using for thousands of years
which we cling to
in fear
whereby the clinging only causes more suffering.

Just the opposite happens when we begin using
unhoardable money with Demurrage.

The first step is
not to educate everyone.
That would take a long time and be very challenging,
to break The Spell this way.
The first step
is for someone of the leaders
to discuss
declaring Demurrage on The US dollar
with President Trump.
I believe this is already happening.
Join us.
I can help you,
The Beast
The Demurrage Gang
Angel NicGillicuddy


First The Deal,
the money, guaranteed in increments
as long as CPI, which is represented by raw materials; Natural Resources
remains stabile.
But if prices do not remain stable what security at all is possible
in the deal? For ANY of the participants?

Without getting caught up in the spell bounding explanation of the trick
hoardable money with interest system,
I can
with proof
easily say
it does not work.
is the only reason we use it,
caught under The Spell.
It’s time to stop teaching it.
And to start teaching what breaks
The Spell.

Lucky for us all,
with clear insight
have written it all out.

cc: The Pope Francis,
from Argentina
(where Silvio Gesell did most of his study and writing),
to let him know it’s
not injustice
causing the problems.
It’s the hoardable
money token.
Believe me
I know how it operates,
The Beast.

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