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The Liberum22/07/2022

UN and Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund promotes women in Lebanon

The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) together with the United Nations in Lebanon has […]
The Liberum10/05/2022

Israeli NSO hacking scandal unseats Spain intelligence chief

Spain’s government fired the director of the country’s top intelligence agency Tuesday following the hacking […]
The Liberum09/05/2022

Lebanon to receive $150 million loan for food from World Bank

Lebanon has received a final approval from the World Bank over an emergency $150 million […]
The Liberum09/03/2022

West versus East = Freedom vs. Justice?

“And when you get to Belgium… pursue your dream! Love! Be yourself!” I said to […]
Arthur Blok09/02/2022

Tunisian president Kaïs Saied steps away from crowning himself king of Tunisia

The birthplace of the Arab Spring, Tunisia, slid in less than a year into a […]
Emad Aysha21/01/2022

‘Station Eleven’: Mackenzie Davis Showing the Theatrical Way to a Vaccine Free Future – PART II

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD The Person is the Politics Well, that’s enough of that. […]
Emad Aysha20/01/2022

‘Station Eleven’: Mackenzie Davis Showing the Theatrical Way to a Vaccine Free Future – PART I

Just finished watching the HBO Max sci-fi mini-series Station Eleven (2021) and, what can I […]
The Liberum23/12/2021

US angry at Turkey arms, drone sales to Ethiopia

U.S. authorities have taken issue with Turkey over its sales of armed drones to Ethiopia, […]
The Liberum11/11/2021

Arab wins top Canadian literary prize

Omar El Akkad, an Egyptian-Canadian author and journalist, the author of a story of the […]
The Liberum09/09/2021

Once upon a time in Native America PART I

Dutch - Surinam author Willem Koning takes us on a personal adventure that occurred in […]