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Mind the gap

While commuting in London through one of the world’s most efficient public transport, the famous “underground”, you are about to hear the announcement: “MIND THE GAP”.

By Dr Saleh Alabdulwahed
The announcement is played to avoid any legal case resulting from a passenger falling into the “GAP”.

Londoners who know the “GAP” locations by heart do not need the ad. Many visitors may not speak the language and will not comprehend what it means. A significant percentage of the hearing impaired would not utilise the advertisement. Obviously, it is merely a defence announcement.

One would not stop asking: why is there a gap?

Why don’t they fix it?

As for the first point, the gap resulted from using nonprofessional workers during construction. It was not just the lack of technology at the time, but also because thousands of workers were “forced, relocated,” to be in site, to build it.

Thousands of workers have been relocated from the British colonised lands to build one of the most efficient commuting systems in the world.

Talk about compensation, human rights, health care, holiday time, and tickets to return home to meet the family! You must be dreaming.

The worker would be considered lucky to be buried in a suitable grave and not in the same tunnel.

The rules, and the rights, were only what the winners would decide at the time.

As for the next point, why don’t they fix the gaps?

Advanced engineering in a G7 member country should make fixing minor deviations easy rather than leaving a significant gap that might hurt a passenger.

But for politicians, much busy with falling health care, a huge financial crisis, and so forth, it is much easier to criticise other countries and show off as a human rights defender of the world.

How about giving the Qataris a tough time?

It would be embarrassing for British fans to use a modern flawless metro system in Doha that has no GAPS!

That is not acceptable at all.

 The Qatari’s answer to the useless British criticism was short but meaningful:


Dr Saleh Alabdulwahed is Fellow of the Royale college of Surgeons of Canada. In addition to surgical practice. He has a strong interested in renewable energy, and building a global future in that direction.


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  1. When does (or did) the lease run out?
    That makes a big difference regarding maintenance.

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