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If you don't like to see it, do not watch it. If you don’t want to hear, do not listen. All voices should be heard. Period.

Russel Lee Morris19/11/2022


Would the Palestinians considerrenting God’s Landor do they insist on “owning” it.Or maybe that is […]
Russel Lee Morris19/11/2022


Instead of pin points of Light in a world of darkness,the world will be filled with […]
Russel Lee Morris19/11/2022


The longest lasting woundor burn markis the one which mainstream media **makes sure will never […]
Emad Aysha27/10/2022

A Dragon for Hire can Consume the World Entire

Following on from my review of Russell Morris’s Angel works I thought I’d give the […]
Russel Lee Morris16/10/2022

Back to The Money Gate

Full Circe Will Strongholdkindly led methrough the back streets and alleywaysof Disneyland,until we arrived atThe […]
Russel Lee Morris29/09/2022

Walt Knew

Walt Disney was on the inside;he knew the money peopleand the government peopleand the military, […]
Russel Lee Morris24/09/2022

There’s Something Special aboutThe Disney Kingdom

Walt was a nice man,The Mainstream Mediatarnished his reputationafter he died.But he had a Plan;to […]
Russel Lee Morris18/09/2022

Moving in on Disneyland

San Francisco was first to posttheir county’sCast Ballots Recordsin response tothe 2020 election investigationhappening Nationwide […]
The Liberum13/09/2022

Open Letter to Nabih Berri, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament

Watching old footage of You in the seventies the other day, I was heartened by […]
Russel Lee Morris11/09/2022

Poupelle of Chimney Town Nashino Akihiro Bigger Than Disney …

it is possible! …using unhoardable money withDemurrage (holding charges) Only three chapters of the bookare […]
Russel Lee Morris30/08/2022

“Who Is Missing”

Angel and Vare snuggling up next to each other,it’s a little bit coldin the big […]
Talal Chami22/08/2022

NEW PUBLICATION @ TALAL'S CORNER: ---P-I-C-K---M-E---U-P---@---G-R-E-E-N---S-U-P-R-E-M-E- -V-o-l-.2

Not so long ago, right before the summer kicked in media guy and talented writer […]
Russel Lee Morris14/08/2022

Secret Meetings excerpt

From the top of the wallbetween the parapets,the view is beautiful and peacefulas Angel NicGillicuddyand […]
Russel Lee Morris13/07/2022

Jesus, Muhammad, Money, Santo Diame and Ayahuasca

“Thank you Jesusfor allowing me to tell this story.My name is Angel NicGillicuddy,I was a […]
Talal Chami07/07/2022


The-Yo-Yo-Affair-Or-A-Crew-Of-Six-Unemployed-Friends-Decide-to-Run-A-Shag-Xpress-with-A-Rear-Hatch-For-BJs-In-Beirut-1979 A-SHORT-LOOP-IN-ONE-ACT By Talal Chami -PART I- She hated Jazz but budged in the middle […]