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If you don't like to see it, do not watch it. If you don’t want to hear, do not listen. All voices should be heard. Period.

Russel Lee Morris12/02/2023

Angel NicGillicuddy
Meets Trump

Big part ofThe TRUMPWar Negotiationleaked:“The timing is perfect,there is a mega surplus of money out […]
Russel Lee Morris06/02/2023

from The Amazon

New JerusalemtoThe Old JerusalemThe ForesttoThe DesertPyramids **aren’t the only thing in commonwithThe AmazonandThe Middle East** […]
Russel Lee Morris19/01/2023

Censored by
TRUTH Social

“How could that be? I’m a huge MAGA fan,and I like Donald Trump.”Angel NicGillicuddy sits […]
Russel Lee Morris07/01/2023

Like Mom said,
Never Take Money
From Strangers,
or Candy, …

which can also be understood asfood, clothing, gifts,including money.Why?It kills local business.Haiti can tell you […]
Arthur Blok06/01/2023

Lebanon’s polluted beaches are once again cleaned

What better way to start the new year than with some positive news? Not a […]
Arthur Blok31/12/2022

The Liberum’s highlights of 2022: we have only just begun

The last day of 2022. It’s been a wild ride for most of us: an […]
Russel Lee Morris20/12/2022

Ceu do Mapia
Mirror City

PRONAF(The national programfor the strengthening offamily farming) finances over 300 family farmsworking on specially designated landdeep […]
Nikola Mikovic19/12/2022

Vladimir Putin: moron or traitor?

According to top Kremlin officials, the West constantly deceives the Russian leaders and violates all […]
Russel Lee Morris14/12/2022

Up The Amazon

We are there.I have made it to my destination.A little kid was first to greet […]
Russel Lee Morris11/12/2022

Up The Amazon We Go

New Moon before Thanksgiving 2022,sitting by the little creek,I release a part of my conscienceinto […]
Russel Lee Morris09/12/2022

“Miracles Greater Than Mine”

Cain received the information aboutThe Magical Money Tokenand THATis what enabled him to build;he hired […]
Talal Chami08/12/2022

Read Talal Chami's latest non-fiction story at Talal's Corner

A few weeks before the summer kicked in, media guy and talented writer Talal Chami joined […]
Russel Lee Morris05/12/2022

A Very Bright Shining Light

The Phoenicians were mastersin the use of money,as a medium of exchange (not savings), where […]
Russel Lee Morris27/11/2022

“Trying to Confiscate
Trump’s Property”

Trump told us thisat the Pennsylvania Trump Rally.Now watchwhat the power of The Peoplecan do: […]
Russel Lee Morris23/11/2022


As long as money remains hoardableyour effortsare a waste of energy,(of what in fact you […]