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There are two sides to any story. One is talked about and seen by everyone, but the other is untold. We focus on the latter.

Glen Kalem-Habib26/09/2022

Kahlil Gibran and the Armenians

The 24th of April (today) in 1916 for many Armenians around the world commemorate the […]
The Liberum23/09/2022

Creating Building Blocks for Cooperative Security in the Middle East

Fading hopes for a revival of the 2015 international agreement that curbed Iran’s nuclear program […]
Emad Aysha18/09/2022

Zoha Kazemi on the cybernetic ties that bind Iranian and Arab science fiction

The Levant News Exclusive – By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD Dear Mrs Zoha Kazemi, Please […]
Arthur Blok17/09/2022

Lebanese entrepreneur Rony Abou Saab is taking over the GCC with his improved street food formula

The scale and scope of Lebanon’s - economic - depression are leading to a collapse […]
The Liberum17/09/2022

Reckless Abandon: Why Tunisia Can No Longer Delay a Border Free Trade Zone

In 2012, Tunisia announced the establishment of a free trade and logistics zone (FTZ) in […]
Arthur Blok15/09/2022

SWIM Lebanon is putting Palm Island Nature Reserve in Northern Lebanon on the environmental agenda

Decades of governmental ignorance and mismanagement led to polluted forests and beaches in Lebanon, a […]
Emad Aysha13/09/2022

Science fiction commentaries: ‘The Economists’, a much needed anthology from Egypt and Arab authors

The Economists is the latest publication of the Egyptian Society for Science Fiction in a […]
Emad Aysha11/09/2022

Prequel with a Purpose: You won’t have a ‘Prey’ in heaven against this little warrior! - PART II

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD The other stuff is a bit more flimsy but they […]
Emad Aysha10/09/2022

Prequel with a Purpose: You won’t have a ‘Prey’ in heaven against this little warrior! - PART I

This should be a straightforward review of the predator prequel Prey (2022) but, typically for […]
Glen Kalem-Habib07/09/2022

Kahlil Gibran's Sand and Foam enters the public domain

Kahlil Gibran's, 1926 work 'Sand and Foam' officially entered the public domain on January 1st, 2022, Ninety-Six years […]