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There are two sides to any story. One is talked about and seen by everyone, but the other is untold. We focus on the latter.

The Liberum07/09/2022

Liz Truss: The triumph of style over substance

The pound sterling has collapsed in the international market since it emerged that Liz Truss was winning the UK's Conservative party leadership […]
Nikola Mikovic06/09/2022

Once a superpower, Russia now turns to Iran and North Korea for assistance

While the West continues arming Ukraine, Russia reportedly hopes to purchase weapons from countries such […]
Nikola Mikovic27/08/2022

If Ukraine is a “new Israel,” Russia is a “new Iran”

Six months after Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv seems to have significant leverage […]
Arthur Blok23/08/2022

Dancing Journalist Ani Kasparian determined to make the world a better place: “I have an empathetic soul.”

“The Dancing Journalist started following you.” That was the notification the new Instagram Account from […]
Glen Kalem-Habib22/08/2022

Mikhail Naimy: When Kahlil Gibran found "a new Michelangelo"

Kahlil Gibran was not the only writer of New York's "Little Syria" who devoted himself […]
The Liberum19/08/2022

A Eurasian jigsaw: Eurasia's ambitious connectivity projects are progressing deep into Asia's Heartland

Interconnecting Inner Eurasia is an exercise in Taoist equilibrium: adding piece by piece, patiently, to […]
Arthur Blok18/08/2022

REPOST: New systematic World War only a matter of time

With unprecedented global inflation, a war between Russia and Ukraine, and a slow recovery from […]
The Levant11/08/2022

New Science, Multiple Reports: COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Lung Blockages, while booster shots keep people sick

A team of doctors has alerted the medical world to the danger of artery blockage […]
Arthur Blok05/08/2022

'Kahlil Gibran Collective'-founder, filmmaker and researcher Glen Kalem is joining the Levant News

“Work is love made visible” is one of Glen Kalem’s favorite quotes from Kahlil Gibran’s […]
Nikola Mikovic03/08/2022

A long path to peace in the South Caucasus

Armenia and Azerbaijan – two archenemies that fought a full-fledged war in 2020 – seek […]