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Arthur Blok09/02/2022

Tunisian president Kaïs Saied steps away from crowning himself king of Tunisia

The birthplace of the Arab Spring, Tunisia, slid in less than a year into a […]
Arthur Blok05/02/2022

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: a sports-washing opportunity 2.0

The Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 were a platform the Nazis used for their propaganda […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili02/02/2022

How a sex scandal thwarts the presumption of innocence

Pride goes before the fall, as the saying is. A sex scandal affecting one of […]
Arthur Blok20/01/2022

U.S. President Joe Biden’s decline is alarming: disapproval hit a new record high

American president Joe Biden is failing in his first year in office on nearly every […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili12/01/2022

The Central Bank of Lebanon: From an Overload of Fame to Enduring Blames

Decades of mismanagement and systemic corruption drove Lebanon into the worst economic crisis. The Central […]
The Liberum30/12/2021

Christmas in Beirut: All we need is a cup of tea

Lovely Beirut. It is you again: sad, and gorgeous. Trying to get you out of […]
Emile Fakhoury30/12/2021

Connect with Empathy and Lead with Compassion

Empathy is essential for connection in any corporate surroundings. One can leverage the spark to […]
Arthur Blok09/12/2021

New studies prove elevated death after RNA jab and risk to a severe autoimmune disorder

Vaccine mandates in the United States, and a push for mandatory vaccination in various European […]
Emile Fakhoury15/11/2021

"Controlling our emotions is key to success in life and in our professional career"

We have all heard the famous saying: "life is 10% of what happens and 90% […]
The Liberum11/11/2021

Once upon a time in Native America PART II

Dutch-Surinam author Willem Koning takes us on a personal adventure that occurred in the second half of […]
Emile Fakhoury03/11/2021

Company loyalty is now to the most part a cliché or simply a joke

Company Loyalty? Yeah right! All it takes is one quick stroke of a pen, and […]
Mohammad Ibrahim Fheili03/10/2021

A Reading in the much anticipated Lebanese negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

Lebanon is gripped by an epic financial crisis made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, a year of political […]
The Liberum30/09/2021

Crime, Oppression and Corruption in Lebanon: The Failed State Trilogy

Unlike neighboring countries, discussing corruption-related offences in Lebanon has rarely been a taboo. Those leading […]
The Liberum09/09/2021

Once upon a time in Native America PART I

Dutch - Surinam author Willem Koning takes us on a personal adventure that occurred in […]
Emad Aysha08/08/2021

A tête-à-tête with Mahmoud Abd Al-Rahim, on the still tenuous relationship between resistance lit and Arabic SF

Interview conducted by Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD This interview is centered on the seventh edition […]