Gaza’s Children: Unveiling the Crime of the Millenium

Image credits: Palestinians look for survivors under the rubble of a house destroyed by an Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip (October 9, 2023)— picture courtesy of Said Khatib.

Where is the condemnation of the war crimes committed against Gaza's children? Where is the international community after all the heart-wrenching images and stories of children trapped under rubble, traumatized by fear, and left orphaned are shared relentlessly online? The media portrays gruesome scenes of violence against these innocent victims, and the world turns a blind eye.

By Zeina Allouche (PhD)

The number of children losing their lives continues to rise, with a devastating toll of approximately 4,000 children killed today and an additional 2,000 children reported as missing under the rubble. Thousands of households have been destroyed, leaving hundreds of thousands of women and children displaced, living in dire conditions.

While publishing this article, the death toll and displacement have gone dramatically up. Tens of children die every day; hundreds more get wounded. It is almost impossible to keep up.

Births occur in crisis circumstances, surgeries are performed without anaesthesia, and displacement offers no protection in the absence of essential services such as water, food, and shelter. It is an absolute disgrace.

These children's experiences go beyond what images can convey; a genocide is undergoing, resulting in profound and multi-dimensional trauma. The most persistent violation is the psychological trauma experienced by these children, leading to lifelong scars.

The deliberate targeting of children is not accidental but intentional, and the violations and potential risks they endure are overwhelming.

To sum up, the (war) crimes committed against them:

  1. Deprivation of life and family: Children are brutally killed, causing immense loss and trauma, and often separated from their caregivers, leaving emotional scars.
  2. Recruitment, Displacement, and Sexual Violence: Children may be forcibly recruited, subjected to violence and sexual abuse, and exposed to harsh living conditions and malnutrition.
  3. Deprivation of Education: Children are denied access to education, hindering their development and prospects.
    The international community's complicity in the silence surrounding these crimes is disheartening. To say the least. We must use our voices to demand justice, an end to systematic killings, prosecution of the perpetrators, and the provision of safety for these children.

Finding the balance between media ethics and speaking out against these atrocities is challenging, and statistics alone may not be enough to bring the criminals to justice. The ethical equation is complex, and we bear witness to the brutality endured by children.

Where is the global outrage and condemnation? When does it stop? Who will be held accountable?
    Enough is Enough

Zeina Ismail-Allouche

Committed to Elevating Voices, Honoring History, and Unveiling the Unhear.
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2 comments on “Gaza’s Children: Unveiling the Crime of the Millenium”

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