The Switch

By Russell Morris


DP (interviewer; The Dark Prince):
“So how does it work? How do we
actually make
The Switch
to using unhoardable money with Demurrage?”

Stamps, placed on the back side
of the paper note money.
Until the formal special stamps
can be made
and delivered,
regular postage stamps
can be used,
of the country whose
National money has formally been declared to carry
“holding charges”;
which is Demurrage.
postage stamps
of the country
where the money is surfacing
can be used,
but most likely all
of the US paper dollars
for example
will quickly end up in the US again
in trade.
Other countries
will use their own stamps
for their money,
has been officially declared on it.
Once the stamp
is placed on the back
of the paper note money
this money note is valid
and can be used
as usual.
without a stamp
the paper money
is just paper,
you might as well just light your pipe with it.
while the stamps
are being used,
new plates
for printing replacement money
will be made.
All of this
has already been explained
in detail,
it can be seen
and read
in publications
originating from Silvio Gesell
for the Munich papers
April 1919.
Next question.

“How will the money be used?
What will happen to it?”

“THAT is a good question
which should become the focus
of investigation
by every classroom
learning about
But I
can get us started.”

To be continued...
You can hear
The Defense Speech
of Silvio Gesell
on YouTube channel
by Robert Wade
R.I.P. thank you.
is the part about engaging
The Demurrage Plan:
In the words of
Hugo R. Fack. 1934.
(The setting
for this preface
to The Defense Speech
is Bavaria
April 1919.)
“Even a socialistic government collapses
like  a house of cards
if the simple little paper notes called money
will not circulate.
Because of the general unsafety
of economic
and political conditions,
and in the expectation of a price fall,
money hoarding had become general.
Of course it was Gesell’s intention to replace the congested money with unhoardable
Demurrage money,
requiring periodic stamping
to retain its face value,
or requiring it to be subject
to a discount
after a certain interval.
Self interest
would thus
keep the money in circulation.
The production of new
printing plates
however, he was informed, would require four weeks at least.
In the meantime Gesell
gave the order
for the printing
of special stamps
to be placed by the public
on the reverse side
of the traditional Money notes
in order to maintain their face value.
For the moment
ordinary postage stamps
were to be used
and all banks
were ordered
to accept
only money
thus stamped.
The enlightened
self interest
of the workers would impel them
to refuse to accept
any unstamped money.
This stamping device
would bring the money
back into circulation
and bring it under the stabilizing policy
of The Treasury.
Unique in history,
also the history of revolutions,
is the fact that Gesell
informed the public at large
with every detail
of his intentions and measures.
‘Just like President Trump is doing. Thank you sir.’ (This last sentence added by me).
The public
were to judge
his plans and actions.
This alone
sufficed to curb speculators because the success of speculation depends on secrecy
and on the general ignorance
of savers and workers as to the effect of the increase and decrease of money on prices, interest, and stocks.
It also depends on the uncertainty of the uninformed
as to whether
the circulating volume of money
is about to be increased or decreased.
Day by day Gesell published
in the Munich papers
popularly written articles
giving information
on the currency problem ...

“He, or she,
who receives well
(NOT thumbing down)
will be first to enter
‘The Kingdom’.
There is something
which could serve useful
in everything witnessed.”
Angel NicGillicuddy


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