Pompeo promises 'a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration' (with video)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is insisting that the U.S. election has not been decided. He also predicted that President Trump will prevail, backing Trump's reluctance to begin the transition to President-elect Joe Biden's administration.

By Arthur Blok
"There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration," Pompeo said during a briefing Tuesday. "All right? We're ready. We're going to count all the votes. When the process is complete, there'll be electors selected. There's a process. The Constitution lays it out pretty clearly."

"The world is watching what's taking place. We're going to count all the votes," Pompeo said, a seeming reference to Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud. Asked if the United States can still issue statements calling for free elections around the world, Pompeo said the question was "ridiculous."

"This department cares deeply to make sure that elections around the world are safe and secure and free and fair, and my officers risk their lives to ensure that that happens," he said.

Even celebrities took to social media in response to Pompeo's claims that Trump will serve a second term despite losing the presidential election to Joe Biden on Saturday. Sarah Silverman, John Cusack and Barbra Streisand were just a few of the many stars decrying Pompeo's comments.

Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called President Donald Trump's refusal to concede "an embarrassment." Speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday, Biden, in his first comments on Trump not acknowledging his election, said, "I just think it's an embarrassment, quite frankly. How can I say this tactfully? I think it will not help the president's legacy."

Biden spoke directly to the camera and said: “Mr. President, I look forward to speaking with you. I think that - I know from my discussions with foreign leaders, thus far, that they are hopeful that the United States' democratic institutions are viewed once again as being strong and enduring."

"I understand the sense of loss. I get that, but I think the majority of the people who voted for the president, a lot voted for him, a significantly smaller number, but a lot voted for him. I think they understand that we have to come together. I think they're ready to unite, and I believe we can pull the country out of this bitter politics that we've seen for the last - last five, six, seven, years," Biden added.

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One comment on “Pompeo promises 'a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration' (with video)”

  1. America is a rancid vulture that needs both deceitful wings to flap its fat ugly body!! Trust none of them.

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