ShiBboLeTh and India

A message about Silvio Gesell,

author of
The Natural Economic Order,
and the mind behind
Money with Demurrage,
was received approvingly Friday
by The New Prime Minister of India
Narendra Modi.
The message was sent by
Angel NicGillicuddy
author of ShiBboLeTh the book.
India has a history of supporting
the belief
In the works of Silvio Gesell
regarding money with Demurrage
and Land Tenure,
as affirmed by Subhas C. Bose,
Nationalist Leader
and by Satyabrata Rey,
Presidency College Calcutta.
The message was sent
responding to a tweet
By Ivanka Trump
congratulating The New Prime Minister for his victory
into office.Using money with Demurrage
is a natural advantage
for countries who want to do trade
in a Nationalist way,
and in a way which will ultimately
End The Cycles
of BOOMs and BUSTs
along with the
anxious fear driven
reactions which are stirred up
as a consequence,
that most people have come to accept as “normal”.
They’re not.

Nationalism is the trend these days
in many countries all over the world,
thanks to the inspiration and with the help
of President Trump and his Team.
Good relationships are being built
and nourished,
at the table of negotiations,
and the leaders are joining
one by one
and from all countries
big and small,
even countries that were formerly feared like North Korea.
The Dark Forces which have kept us all trapped in The System of money
we all have been using for
1000s of years,
are becoming nervous.
It’s not the first time.
But things are different now.
The leaders are talking about economics; money,
more openly.
There is awareness about
The massive hidden hoards of CASH
which circulate in The Dark Realms
causing, forcing!,
chaos and havoc and confusion
and Darkness.
Formally declaring money
to carry Demurrage charges,
in other words
making money “melt”,
will unfund The Dark Forces,
and they will lose their power.
CASH is behind ALL
the dirty work.
And when the hidden hoards of CASH
are returned to circulation
in The Light
it will be like a Great Flood,
just in time for
all of the amazing ideas
just waiting to be funded,
to come to fruition
in the rebuilding of new improved infrastructure.
The timing is perfect
to support The New Levant Region;
The USA.
But this time we will
NOT be using the old defective
Hoardable money.
We will be using
US dollars ( for starters )
With adjustable controllable
The other countries will see by
and be welcomed,
to the great benefit
of our environment
and all the people
everywhere on Earth
and even beyond, as we explore,
using the new purified
naturalized money,
which WORKS,
just the opposite
from the defective
Hoardable money.
Money with Demurrage,
along with the change in our other
antiquated institution
of Land Tenure,
builds Trust,
and assures continued
smooth flowing economy
for our Natural Resources
and our human relationship
with them
and between ourselves;
Qi Gong on a global level.

India and The United States
have started off
their new relationship
in a good way.

Yours Truly,
Russ Morris


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