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Nikola Mikovic10/07/2023

Prigozhin's failed mutiny: Putin may have won, but at what cost?

Over the years, the Kremlin has used the Wagner mercenaries to do the dirty work […]
Nikola Mikovic29/03/2023

The paradox of Iranian support for Armenia against Azerbaijan

Tensions are brewing between Azerbaijan and Armenia, while global and regional actors reportedly seek to […]
Nikola Mikovic28/02/2023

Why does Belarus eye China's support?

For Belarus, China is one of the most important economic partners. Politically, increasing bilateral ties […]
Nikola Mikovic06/02/2023

How Putin and his oligarchs help Ukraine win the war

The Kremlin seems to be Ukraine’s most reliable ally. Although Western countries actively supply the […]
Nikola Mikovic05/12/2022

Is there a solution to Serbia’s pollution problem?

Serbia is Europe’s most polluted country. Belgrade, recently had the highest level of air pollution […]
Arthur Blok12/10/2022

Hooked on Russian gas; how did the EU get there?

In 1970 Germany and the Soviet Union gathered at the luxurious Hotel Kaiserhof in the […]
Nikola Mikovic29/09/2022

What comes after Russia’s annexation of the Donbas and southern Ukraine?

Western countries urge their citizens to leave Russia immediately. The official reason for such a […]
Nikola Mikovic06/09/2022

Once a superpower, Russia now turns to Iran and North Korea for assistance

While the West continues arming Ukraine, Russia reportedly hopes to purchase weapons from countries such […]
Nikola Mikovic27/08/2022

If Ukraine is a “new Israel,” Russia is a “new Iran”

Six months after Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv seems to have significant leverage […]
Nikola Mikovic03/08/2022

A long path to peace in the South Caucasus

Armenia and Azerbaijan – two archenemies that fought a full-fledged war in 2020 – seek […]
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