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Nikola Mikovic03/06/2022

Ukraine war: What comes after the Donbas battle?

Russian forces in the Donbas continue making slow progress. Unless Ukraine deploys more troops and […]
Nikola Mikovic09/05/2022

Defying Putin: the West pressures Serbia to recognize Kosovo

Serbia is one of the few European countries that have not imposed sanctions on Russia. […]
Nikola Mikovic20/04/2022

Is there an end to Russian humiliations in Ukraine?

Russia continues suffering humiliation in Ukraine. The Eastern European country has started attacking Russian territory […]
Nikola Mikovic16/12/2021

Turkey’s double game in Ukraine

The Kremlin’s strategic frenemy – Turkey - is stepping up efforts to increase its influence […]
Nikola Mikovic11/10/2021

European gas crisis: Russia’s rubbing its hands with glee

Natural gas prices keep hitting new records in Europe. The drop in supplies sparked a […]
Nikola Mikovic03/09/2021

The impact of Serbia’s “low wage policy”

As young people increasingly choose to emigrate in search of better opportunities, Serbia started facing […]
Nikola Mikovic23/07/2021

Nord Stream 2: The West expects Russia to keep funding Ukraine

United States and Germany reportedly made a wider deal over the controversial Nord Stream 2 […]
Nikola Mikovic18/07/2021

Russo-Taliban tango in Central Asia

The withdrawal of the US and NATO troops from Afghanistan threatens to destabilize Central Asia […]
Nikola Mikovic06/07/2021

Vladimir Putin: “the good Tsar” surrounded by his “bad boyars”

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to love playing “a good tsar and bad boyars” game. […]
Nikola Mikovic22/06/2021

Pashinyan’s victory in the shadow of Armenia’s war defeat

Nikol Pashinyan, the acting prime minister of Armenia, has claimed victory in a snap parliamentary […]