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Nikola Mikovic11/06/2021

Russia and the West: a never-ending partnership

Mainstream media tend to portray Russia and the West as bitter geopolitical rivals. In reality, […]
Nikola Mikovic06/06/2021

EU-backed judicial reforms delay justice in Serbia

“The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine”, Sun Tzu - a Chinese […]
Nikola Mikovic25/05/2021

How Russia benefits from Western sanctions against Belarus

Belarus could soon become a no-fly zone for most European airlines, as the Eastern European […]
Nikola Mikovic15/05/2021

Armenia-Azerbaijan: The impotence of the Russia-led CSTO

For Armenia, Russia already proved to be an unreliable ally. The Kremlin seems to continue […]
Nikola Mikovic02/05/2021

Moscow on the verge of a geopolitical defeat in Sudan in "new cold war" with Washington

The “new Cold War” between the US and Russia in northeast Africa intensifies. Washington and […]
Nikola Mikovic10/04/2021

Turkey and the Donbass war: Balancing between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine is actively preparing for a potential conflict escalation in the coal-rich Donbass region that […]
Nikola Mikovic31/03/2021

Serbia between COVID-19 and the interests of foreign powers

Serbia’s healthcare system is on the verge of collapse. Although the Balkan nation took one […]
Arthur Blok28/03/2021

Vessel blocking Suez Canal could be more than 'just' a random accident

The cargo ship Ever Given remains wedged across the Suez Canal, as rumors are flying […]
Nikola Mikovic18/03/2021

Russia politically unable to solve the Water crisis in annexed Crimea

Seven years after Moscow incorporated Crimea into the Russian Federation, the Kremlin still cannot resolve […]
Nikola Mikovic11/03/2021

Russia and Ukraine: Preparations for war in the Donbass

Ever since leaders of Russia and Ukraine signed the truce agreement in 2015, there have […]