Tayseer Khaled: Calls on The Arab Countries to Review Trade Relations with Australia

Tayseer Khaled, PLO Executive Committee member , member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) called on the Arab States, particularly the Gulf one to withdraw their financial investments with Australia and to revise their extensive trade relations with it following its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli Occupation State, and the importance for rejecting such illusion to recognize West Jerusalem being the headquarter of the Knesset and the Government, while the Israeli Gov't deals with Jerusalem in its western and eastern suburbs as a unified capital, which showed the Australian's maneuver as a trick to absorb other reactions on its decision that constitutes a blatant attack on the rights and interests of the Palestinian people and obvious violation of International Law and resolutions of international legitimacy that never accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Khaled added that, the Arab investments, especially the investments of the GCC and their citizens in Australia exceeded 100s of billions of dollars, and that the trade relations also exceeded 10s of millions of dollars, and to use that as tools to compel the Australian PM, Scott Morrison , Who, like the Vice President of the United States and the President of the Republic of Guatemala and Brazil belongs to the Zionist Evangelical Christian Church, for retreating from his government's decision to return to a balanced policy based on respect for International Law and International legitimacy, and respect for the interests and rights of the Palestinian people.

At the same time, Khaled appreciated the Indonesia's stance on rejecting the Australia's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Moreover, he called on the Indonesian Gov't not to sign the $ 1,000,000,000 free trade agreement, and the economic partnership between the 2 states reached in last August. He also called on the States of OCI to keep its words and deeds, and to review their trade relations with Australia pursuant to the resolutions of the summit of the Organization, which was held in Istanbul last May that condemned the US's resolution to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and confirmed its intention to take all necessary steps against any country that follows the illegal American move to transfer their embassies to Jerusalem.


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