Tayseer Khaled: calls for terminating relations and ending security coordination with the CIA

Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of the PLO , member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front ( DFLP ) called on terminating all forms of relations and stopping security coordination and cooperation with the CIA not by only informing the US administration that starting from the next month the Palestinian Authority will not accept any US financial support provided to the Palestinian security services , after Congress approved last year a law granting US courts the power of confiscating funds from any entity receiving support from the United States. In addition, the law allows US citizens to sue the Palestinian Authority on charges of "supporting terrorism", even if it was in the past under the pretext that it receives aid from US sources.

He added that although the United States has stopped all American civil aids to the Palestinian Authority, UNRWA and Palestinian civil society organizations since the entry of US President Donald Trump to the White House , only the Palestinian security services were excluded by President Trump for political considerations, turning the Palestinian security services into a subcontractor  for the Israeli security interests, as well as employing it  to serve what the CIA calls fight against terrorist organizations that do not exclude Resistance movements and national, Arab and international liberation movements.

Khaled stressed that the Palestinian national interests requires not only the mere refusal of receiving aids  provided by the CIA, but also severing all relations with the CIA because of its criminal history and hostile positions against all national resistance movements and national liberation organizations  in the world for decades, for their right to struggle for freedom and self-determination and for liberation from colonialism and all forms of dependence on the colonial Powers in all continents of the world in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


21.1.2019                                                                                                                 Press Office


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