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The G7 Predicament

By Russell Morris


According to President Trump,
who met with the G7 yesterday, some of them are having
a very hard time.
And none of the journalist reporters even asked what the problem was. Why?

Larry Kudlow
and all the economists
are looking at their models.
And studying and shifting
our budgets
desperately looking for
If these models included
unhoardable money with Demurrage
in their programming
they would find

But the G7,
aside from the economists,
are digging deeper into their toolbox
than ever before.
They have a problem, and the usual tools are not able to fix it.
Interest rates are very encouraging but just as it has happened before main stream media, which is owned by
The Cash Mob Elite,
is bombarding everyone with ”news”
about very dubious looking
market conditions, *
so the money
at lower interest-rate‘s
just sits there
with no takers.
This is not a new trick;
It helps to FORCE
even while
The Central Banks
I doing all they can
to “help”.
* Coronavirus and Recession
are all of the journalist reporters
are asking about
as if we have no other choice.
We do.

But now the G7
“have a problem“.
A good question for the reporters to ask:
How is The Central Bank doing
which supplies money to
The Shipping Empire?
Or even this one:
Why are the G7 having a problem?

The Shipping Empire
has “interest”
Is this Central Bank
having trouble staying afloat?
Even Columbus‘s boat
had the hole in it
when it set sail
a long  time ago
in search of money resources.

Is The Shipping Empire sinking
and going down the drain?
And like in the movie IT,
has it ended up in the hands of the evil clown Pennywise.
(And don’t forget
the “pound poor“  part)

IT Chapter 3
is coming;
Declaring Demurrage on The US dollar,
and this will make the clown,
very happy.
And everyone will stay afloat instead of going down the drain. Smooth sailing is upon the horizon. We are just going through a storm right now.
But just to make sure we get through it
reporters and journalists
should start the discussion
unhoardable money with Demurrage.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
President Trump said he is looking into what options were happening around the period 1911 - 1914.
That is exactly when Silvio Gesell’s Natural Economic Order
was alive
and being known
around the world.
Not an easy thing to do
back in those days.
But it was happening.

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