The Real Luxuries in Life are Free

The real luxuries in life are not necessarily materialistic. They are free, touch your soul, and make you more comfortable. From this perspective, it is all about fully satisfying your senses naturally without any constraints or pressure that limits your natural cycles and development.

By Emile Fakhoury
In this article, I will depict the factors affecting our emotional satisfaction with these luxuries.

The main factors are:

  • Sleeping rhythms:

It all starts with our well-being and health and how we manage our sleep rhythms. Getting enough deep sleep helps the brain and body refresh and adapt to new environments. Not getting enough sleep can cause fatigue, stress, and learning difficulties. It can also make you susceptible to infection and put you at risk for long-term health concerns.

In addition, taking a day nap helps the body recover, energises the system after a long working day, and improves reaction time and memory capabilities. Waking up slowly without any alarms or stress from the outside helps us start the day efficiently and smoothly as our brain and body begin to capture the information in our environment.

  • During the day:

Listening to birds singing around us calmed our minds and souls as we woke up and helped us generate fresh, positive ideas for the day. Birdsongs can soothe our minds in a stressful world.

Contemplating the colourful sunrises or sunsets helps our vision and mind flourish simultaneously. Morning or Evening times have different conditions.  In the morning, our minds transition from sleep to wake-up mode, and watching the sun rise brings us a new start and refreshes our thoughts.

During the evening, the sunset is more colourful than the sunrise, and it can provide several health and mental benefits, a boost in mood, and an opportunity for reflection.

Try to adopt a healthy plan during the week, such as long walks during the weekends, to keep your heartbeat stabilised and include time for fun and planning.

  • Reading and Communicating:

Reading a book every month has many benefits, not only in improving your knowledge and vocabulary expansion but also in improving your memory and analytical thinking and in improving your focus to achieve better, healthier results.

Stay surrounded by good company at work and in life to engage you in positive, fruitful discussions. This will train you to handle conflicts and have better relationships at work and in your life. You are the average of the five people you spend time with.

This concept suggests that the people we surround ourselves with greatly influence our thoughts and behaviours and ultimately shape who we become. While it may sound like a mere anecdote, scientific evidence supports this idea, mainly through neural synchronisation.

  • Favourite home-cooked meal:

Eating or even preparing your favourite meal at home promotes family bonding and is proven to be healthier, cost-effective and reduces food waste.  

In conclusion, eating homemade meals has several advantages over restaurant-based food. So, next time you decide where to eat, consider ordering a homemade meal instead of heading out to a restaurant.

  • Ability to freely express yourself:

The ability to freely express yourself and have the freedom to choose would lead to healthy communication with your teams and social groups.

Self-expression is not only through speaking or writing; it can also be through clothing, hairstyles, or other forms. Self-expression can help you showcase your true self—your story, your thoughts, and your emotions.


Emile Fakhoury

Corporate Expert Writer, Business Professional in Energy/Water/Oil/Gas, Specialist in Coaching/Training, Association of Project Management UK Fellow Member. The professional who believes that adaptation to various social or corporate environments is the only way to survive and strive. Master the rules of the game in order to reach the top and change the rules.
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