The game of the nations played on the Middle East

By Areej Zaher*


If we take into consideration the history of the Middle East regarding all the wars and conflicts that it has gone through during the 20th century and that are continuing till now. And by putting all the pieces in order, we can come to a conclusion that the conflicts and wars we are facing nowadays are not mere coincidences, but on the contrary, the whole thing was well planned by the dominating forces in the world which are centered in two parallel poles, America and Russia.

Let's start with the point of view of the expert on Middle East issues, the late Patrick Seale, in his book "Struggle For Syria". This author didn’t only base his conclusions on the critical location of this country, or so-called strategically "crucial interests zone" which is rich of natural resources especially oil. However, he acknowledged this region didn’t know any settlement through many decades due to contention to dominate it, not to mention the growing influence of Israel run by Zionism. He also focused on the weakness and devitalization the Syrian community witnessed after its independence in 1946, when the military took a vital part in the political life; which led to a series of military coup d'états, like it was the aftermaths of Arab-national-international forces to take over this country and control its policies as well. However, we can't deny the seventies was an era of political rest under the regime of the late President Hafiz Assad, when the country witnessed a temporary prosperity away from the game of nations; and even the building up of its influence over the Arab region.

Going back to the present days, we can't but notice the massive destruction not only in infrastructures or whole cities, but also corruption that seems to take over every aspect in Syrians' life. Unfortunately, the interference of foreign countries represented by America, Russia and Iran added fuel to the fire.

Viewpoints divided between who blames the regime's policy in dealing with the legal rights demanded by the first of what's called "the Arab spring" or "the Syrian revolution", and those who consider this conflict as part of a conspiracy that aims to control the world led by secret organizations that use globalization as a weapon. Another party goes to consider this a country's national matter and no one has the right to interfere whether military, politically, economically or socially; also condemning the presence of the US, Russia or Iran as long as they are manipulative powers who seek their interests by establishing military bases or play with the natural resources card like "oil" or even play the protagonist role by flaming the fire of sectarianism turning this to a holy war after failing to flame the civil war.

After coming to an agreement regarding the south of Syria between all of Russia, the USA and Jordan, with the blessing of Israel, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu haven’t rested until he's got a US recognition of Golan, as  President Trump declaration of Jerusalem to be Israeli territory wasn’t enough for Israel illegitimate ambitions of the region.

This raises a question whether Russia is Syria's true and faithful ally, or politics and one's interests have the final call. However, no can deny that it's all fair in war, and survival is for the fittest who can come out with the least loses or get a grip of whatever he could hoard.

This public movement and war should be considered as a wakeup call for the whole Middle East to come of a coma that lasted for more than a century; and open its eyes widely to cope with world changes, and admit the public rights in freedom, integrity and self-determination.


*Areej Zaher is a Syrian writer.


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One comment on “The game of the nations played on the Middle East”

  1. It has been known for more than 3000 years
    That The old old Levant Region
    Would collapse “naturally”
    Due to the inevitable breakdown
    Of using a form of money
    Which is able to be hoarded.
    And selling GOD’S Land
    is another big problem.
    But The US will save the day
    By becoming The New Levant Region.
    With one big difference,
    This time we will use the good money;.
    US dollars with controllable adjustable Demurrage.
    This will not only balance trade,
    It will also un-fund The Dark Forces.
    We will be able to much more easily
    Manage evil,
    And the money.
    Yours Truly,
    Angel NicGillicuddy ?

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