New documentary State of Control depicts a sinister image of our future (FULL MOVIE)

Is a digitally controlled society a blessing or an imminent threat? If we like it or not, the recently released documentary State of Control by Debunk Productions shows us that a “control society” is rapidly becoming a reality. A spot-on film that troubles the mind: you can’t unsee it once you see it.

By Arthur Blok
“How is it possible that something seemingly elusive as our data has so much value? Data is the new gold, and we are in a gold rush are”, some of the first voice-over lines of the film produced by Max von Kreyfelt, founder and CEO of the Dutch opposition platform Café Weltschmerz.

State of Control, directed by Benjamin Jonas van den Brink, is a film full of suspense with a clear message of what is waiting for us in the - nearby - future if we do not take action. It is one of those films you can not stop watching once you turn it on.

It is not a secret that many countries are progressing in transitioning from a paper-based to a digital identity where all your data is being stored in just one app. The European Union (EU) is taking the lead in that process.

The EU used the “Covid-19 pandemic” to push for introducing a Digital COVID Certificate (or a vaccine passport) using infrastructure built years in advance. Now they fancy going even further, introducing the so-called CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) or a digital Euro.

Instead of protecting our privacy and best interests, the unelected European Commission presents the CBDC to the EU citizens as a good-news show. A well-prepared charade using a clique of local globalist politicians in the individual member states.

What does the CBDC mean for our freedom of choice and our autonomy?

The introduction of the vaccine passport is still fresh in our memory, where our vaccination status was linked to digital identities. Governments and private organizations may allow or disallow access to services and spaces based on an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status, excluding and discriminating against those who have not received a vaccine.

Such initiatives may entail large-scale data collection and processing and are an acute danger to all of us if access to our money is linked to that. A look at China's 'social credit system is a striking illustration of that.

In this system, citizens are ranked and punished if they behave other than the state wants them to. Punishments include throttled internet speeds and flight bans if the Communist Party deems them untrustworthy. People can be punished if they drive badly, buy too many video games, or steal.

The Chinese Communist Party has been constructing a moral ranking system for years that will monitor the behaviour of its enormous population — and rank them all based on their "social credit."

Think about that for a second. You can be cut off at any moment.

Because of your protest activity, the parties you support, your health record, and the things you post online. Name it. Do we really want our local governments, the undemocratic EU, and its central bank to have that much control over us?  Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

State of control warns us of the further implementation of the control society that is increasingly becoming a reality. What is the price of convenience?

In conclusion, the CBDC  and the digital passport can make our lives easier and more efficient but at a high cost.  New international legislation shows that the purpose of these possibilities has far-reaching implications for our privacy.

In State of Control, international experts such as Edward Snowden, Arno Wellens, and Catherine Austin Fitts express their grave concerns and criticisms. It compiles a range of facts and opinions, creating a shocking picture of the future of humanity.


Arthur Blok

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4 comments on “New documentary State of Control depicts a sinister image of our future (FULL MOVIE)”

  1. I will look forward to watching this when my hippy girlfriend goes to work, bless her heart I love her. Thank you Arthur for turning us onto this film and the creators, I will be watching it with a keen 👁👁 both eyes open not just one.
    💜 Angel NicGillicuddy

  2. Have been admiring all your work which opens closed eyes and where the majority needs the true story about what humanity should realize before it's too late.
    Well done Arthur

  3. Thank you Arthur
    for bringing this film
    to Liberum,
    a great move.
    I have a great idea for the next move,
    Up The Amazon.
    💜 Angel NicGillicuddy

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