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Russel Lee Morris24/08/2023

Good Money in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

For Tristan da CunhaUsing the traditionalHoardable MoneyUSURY Leverage Devicehas been subtlystrategically,(according to the centuries old […]
Russel Lee Morris04/05/2023

China Protecting It’s
Money Decision

China is ALREADYusing a Yuan withdemurrage (holding charges).They started October 2020 **just before President Trump […]
Russel Lee Morris06/02/2023

from The Amazon

New JerusalemtoThe Old JerusalemThe ForesttoThe DesertPyramids **aren’t the only thing in commonwithThe AmazonandThe Middle East** […]
Emad Aysha27/10/2022

A Dragon for Hire can Consume the World Entire

Following on from my review of Russell Morris’s Angel works I thought I’d give the […]
Russel Lee Morris16/10/2022

Back to The Money Gate

Full Circe Will Strongholdkindly led methrough the back streets and alleywaysof Disneyland,until we arrived atThe […]
Russel Lee Morris07/06/2022

What Happens when Part of a Bigger Country Decides to be Independent?

The Region going Independent,as a particular part (Ukraine, for example)of a bigger country (Russia, for […]
Russel Lee Morris01/04/2022

Poop Alchemy

The poop was never just“dumped out at sea”like they say.It went toThe Gunpowder Factory. The […]
Russel Lee Morris29/11/2021

Just before Leaving The Great Hall

Left with not much more than a fig leaf on Angel inquires …“Ask me anything.”It’s […]
Russel Lee Morris17/10/2021

The Third Shibboleth Meeting is Coming

One cold dark nightin the dead of winterjust below the castlethere was a meeting;a masquerade […]
Russel Lee Morris23/09/2021

Money Teacher Where You Might Not Expect

V: “You seem to have pressure building up my friend.”V has a new job.She worksin […]
Emad Aysha27/02/2021

BOOK REVIEW – Angel NicGillicuddy’s poetic play on post-financial meltdown economics

As avid readers of The Levant News you no doubt know the poetry columns we […]
Russel Lee Morris31/12/2020

Blocked by Mariana van Zeller

I mean, she talks to people doing shady business all the time. Why not me? […]
The Liberum05/02/2020


“The Cash Mob Elite’s secret communicating medium. It’s not about the weather.” Angel says to […]
The Liberum18/12/2019


“AND, ... The Beast continues, slavery was a result, NOT the cause, of the Civil […]