A letter to all the people out there
Including U2 Bono
Who have just started hearing
That there are two forms of money
Not just one. From The Beast.

By Russell Morris, an American author

To whom it may concern

And everyone else too.

There is hoardable money. This is one form of money.

This is the kind of money which we have been using

For 3500 years

Since it came alive

In The Levant Region.

Money was around before that

But it was only discovered later

That it was able to be hoarded

And used as a weapon

To manipulate

The actual movement

( You could even call it migration )

Of EVERYTHING on the planet.

And beyond.

A very subtle weapon

But extremely powerful.

And extremely dangerous

In the wrong hands.

Evil saw this opportunity

And ceased it.  Metal money.


Which is hoardable,

Like all the traditional money in use today,

And all the alternative money as well

If it is hoardable

It is all the same


And able to be used

To control The Cycles.  BOOMs and  BUSTs.

This   is the hugest darkest meanest

Most evil trick  in the book.

Here   is the cause   of your pollution  and climate   predicament.

And here    is the cause  of your suffering.

And then

An Evil Spell was cast:

“Hoardable Money.

This is our ShiBboLeTh.

With this secret very powerful device

We   can bring down the human

And destroy this  whole  world.

Make sure that we always continue

Using the traditional form of money

Which is able to be hoarded.

This simple condition  must ALWAYS

Get overlooked  or pushed aside.      Or ignored.

Anything else can change.   Talk about ANYTHING



But always make sure that this;

Money which is able to be hoarded; hoardable money

Remains the same    for ever

Til the end of time,

So that the evil forces    always prevail

No matter how hard   the forces of good try …

Our hoardable money will always provide

For destruction

Of you

All the humans.   All of Life.”   end

If not for hoardable money

Which forces The Cycles   to happen,

All of you,  The Workers,    would have long ago

Created all the basic things needed  for everyone

To meet their bodily requirements.

Having satisfied these needs   you could have been much farther along

In the quest  regarding  higher aims.

Industries would be able to level off

And just sustain,

Producing much LESS pollution  and damage to the environment

With  LOTS LESS  distorted and drastic  desperate  actions   taken by yourselves

With much less stress.

You could move on much easier

To all the wonderful ideas and products  just waiting to be funded.

Research and development   would thrive.  Never to be interrupted again …


Except for the defect in your money;  that it can be removed from circulation   and hoarded.  And hidden.

When I answered The Call

Of The Three Magicians

I gave them  Money.  Gold.

Their request  was this:

“How can we help the people

To all work better  together ?”


Money as The Medium of Exchange

Is what lifted  your Civilization

Up   from the ways of   Primitive Production   and Barter

Into  The Foundation  of your Civilization  now;

The Division of Labor,

Which sits on the shoulders

Of Money.

Without money,   if you think that you can manage without money

Means that you also will lose

The Division of Labor.

That    would send you  backward

Into The Dark Ages


In case you are wondering

Why did they ask me ?   The Beast ?

It is because   that is how magic is done.


And the three of them

Were Magicians

In the service

Of The King.

But magic  should never   just be let loose !

It should always be watched  closely

With a very special kind of focus.

Lazer Focus.


Evil lurks  ( it never completely  goes away )

And it seeks  ANY   subtle  opening

In order  to destroy

The Kingdom.

With magic

One should always  have  a  clear  mind

For absolute    lazer    focus.

Not even war    distracts from this focus.


The more powerful the magic

The more destructive   the consequences.

Children especially   remember this,


Is very powerful  magic.


So  that  is some of the story

About the one

form of money

which I have almost everyone

under The Spell of;

hoardable money.

There is only one  other   form   of money.

And that is,    un-hoardable money.

Now     I am beginning to smell

“The Perfume “

In the air     again.

There is talk about   un-hoardable money; money with demurrage  ( NOT negative interest )

It is Air Magic.

The most powerful magic of all magic.

I have sensed this perfume  before

And it touched my heart.

Just breathing

It entered into me

To be right there

Next to my heart.

I could feel it  in my heart.

Oh yes,      I have a heart.

But you know how it is,    love,

It is scary.

Because it requires


Surrender.   Total   surrender.

I got scared  the times before

When I sensed The Perfume,

And started doing  anything

In order to

Keep my secret device


( I lived in The Money Changers,

And I didn’t want to … surrender    and  die. )

So I started a war.

It was easy.

I had already

Caused the collapse   of The Roman Empire.

I depleted their money supply.

I   won…

The Pope lost.

Before that

I just had The Messengers   murdered

Who spoke of the hoardable money  and interest.

I did this

From my work

In The Levant Region


The Money Changers.

And then


There was Silvio Gesell.

By that time

Some of you were under The Spell   very deeply

And had accumulated

Massive amounts  of  CASH  money.

It was not easy overpowering Silvio

And The Air Magic

With it’s message

Of un-hoardable money.

But CASH   doesn’t just talk.

It  finds  a way

To force  things

To happen.

All the dirty work

Is done  with  CASH.

A big war was instigated.

What a huge distraction.

And all the profits ?

A large part  ended up

Just being added   to the already

Massive mountain

Of CASH hoarded away

And hidden.

With this huge distraction  of war,  and all the money profits,    it was not difficult


To put Silvio

And The Air Magic

To rest  again …

For a while.

But now

The Perfume is in the air   again.

I can smell the talk

Of un-hoardable money


And this time

I am faced

With a messenger

Which I never expected,

A little girl.

I am so perplexed.

Everything I say

Through all of my spell bound followers

Only exposes my evil

And confused

Bad habits;

The only reason you use hoardable money.

It is routine.

I am telling you now,

I am surrendering

To this little girl


And her good friend

The Spirit of Silvio Gesell.

“May The Air Magic

And the sweet Perfume

Of The Message

We will all learn from her

Fill   the air.

Just being with the breathing.

That is all that is necessary

While you read

Her book :


A Tale  of Two

Secret Passwords

And Money.”

Yours Truly,

me, The Beast

Now,   who is The Beast ?

I can tell you.

  • Angel


PS   “Evil may not ever go away completely

But when we begin using money with demurrage   ( NOT negative interest )

We will easily be able

To manage it.

The Air Magic

Will assure it;


U.S. Dollars.




Break The Spell

With “ice money”

( money which “melts”

At a particular rate

That is adjustable

To synchronize perfectly

With Nature.”

  • Angel NicGillicuddy


There will be a

New Levant Region

But this time

We won’t use the bad  hoardable money.


We will use

Un-hoardable money;

U.S. Dollars  with demurrage …

To begin with.

And the economic borders

Will begin to dissolve.

Language, culture, religion, race, party

Have never been the real cause of your conflicts.

“Capitalism must be modified.

That  even capitalists admit.”

  • Silvio Gesell (  from his book, The Natural Economic Order. 1920 )

“Hey Bono of U2,    now you    can tell them    what must be changed.”

  • Angel NicGillicuddy

And now

To write my friend President Trump

About using The Gettysburg Battlefield

As the site

For building Mirror City.

It is the city

That I visited  with Silvio

Where I learned all about

The Natural Economic Order

And growing Hemp.

Free Land.   Using Free- Money ( money free to circulate; U.S. Dollars with demurrage. For starters. )


To all the noble participants

Of The Poland Meeting

Coming up,

I am with you.


The Liberum

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
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6 comments on “ShiBBoLeTh”

  1. It’s really about economics
    And “how money functions”,
    But any way to get the message across
    Is fine.
    to The New Renaissance
    It’ll last a lot longer than the Old Renaissance.
    Angel NicGillicuddy
    PS Thanks to The Levant
    We can now begin to
    Qi Gong
    Through The Money Gate
    With both eyes open
    Not just one

  2. Hoardable money = fear
    Un-hoardable Money =
    Me, Angel

  3. Right now
    I am sitting on the deck
    And ice is falling from the sky.
    Ice Money, which “melts”
    At a particular rate
    To always circulate.
    Perfectly synchronized
    With Nature.
    It will help our industries
    To run smoothly,
    Never to be interrupted by
    Money being removed from circulation,
    Which causes all the drastic
    And desperate reactions,
    Which are behind so much of our pollution
    And climate predicament
    For the last 100s of years.
    Continuous research and development.
    Not more cycles ever again.
    No more BOOMs and BUSTs.
    No more funding for the trouble makers.
    Qi Gong
    On a global scale.
    Me, Angel

  4. For all those who think that I have been
    Slanderous in any way.
    I won’t be led astray.
    Un-hoardable Money is my ShiBboLeTh.
    I love everyone. I’m fine with all cultures.
    I would love to discuss un-hoardable money
    With the Pope or any religious leaders
    Or political leaders
    Or economic “experts”.
    Un-hoardable money will help our
    Natural Resources to flow
    Smoothly and continuously,
    Like good Qi Gong
    On a global scale.
    Economic borders will dissolve.
    The dark forces will probably try everything
    Possible to distract and interfere and
    Cause conflict on as big a scale as possible
    With their massive hoards of
    CASH hoardable money.
    We will be ready
    With our defense
    All over the world.
    Evil will fall
    The quicker we begin using un-hoardable $
    The better it will lose it’s power.
    And I’m not talking about The U.S.
    Or ANY particular country at all.

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