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Glen Kalem-Habib25/08/2023

A Short Treatise on the Art of Music: Translating Gibran as a Shared Experience

Ameen Goryeb (Amīn al-Ġurayyib, 1880-1971), editor and owner of Al-Mohajer (‘The Emigrant’), a daily Arabic […]
Glen Kalem-Habib31/05/2023

“Aatini al-Nay wa-Ghanni” (Bring Me the Flute and Sing), Fairuz Sings Kahlil Gibran

Aatini al-Nay wa-Ghanni is among the greatest interrupted songs of any artist, and the 'artist' who […]
Arthur Blok05/05/2023

A homage to Kahlil Gibran Kahlil: Lebanon’s greatest cultural export

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by […]
Marco Mattiussi08/04/2023

The Prophet’s 100th birthday will be celebrated in New York

An exceptional year for Kahlil Gibran fans. This year the legendary Lebanese writer and poet […]
Arthur Blok23/03/2023

Lebanese folklore, and history are sources of inspiration for modern-day artist Wael Hamadeh

Wael Hamadeh (54) has been an artist since early childhood. He uses any material he […]
Glen Kalem-Habib02/03/2023

The birth of the Prophet & Kahlil Gibran's Lebanon and Syria: two new books by Dalton Hilu Einhorn

The year 2023 provides a unique opportunity to celebrate Kahlil Gibran’s beloved masterpiece, The Prophet:  this […]
Arthur Blok22/02/2023

Kahlil Gibran’s best-known book The Prophet celebrates its Centennial Anniversary

“No man can reveal to you aught, but that which already lies half asleep in […]
Glen Kalem-Habib31/01/2023

EXCLUSIVE | Why I wrote 'Jesus the Son of Man': a little-known interview with Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran wrote his longest book, Jesus the Son of Man: His Words and His […]
Glen Kalem-Habib08/12/2022


Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet was not written in some faraway, mysterious land, as one might assume from […]
Glen Kalem-Habib16/10/2022

Hilda, the Woman Who Fell in Love with Kahlil Gibran and Mikhail Naimy

One of Gibran’s pencil drawings that were relatively unknown was recently brought to my attention: […]
Glen Kalem-Habib10/10/2022

Kahlil Gibran and Faris Malouf: the story of an unsuccessful venture (1924-25)

Faris Saleem Malouf (1892-1958) emigrated from Lebanon to the United States in 1907. Like many Lebanese […]
Glen Kalem-Habib26/09/2022

Kahlil Gibran and the Armenians

The 24th of April (today) in 1916 for many Armenians around the world commemorate the […]
Glen Kalem-Habib07/09/2022

Kahlil Gibran's Sand and Foam enters the public domain

Kahlil Gibran's, 1926 work 'Sand and Foam' officially entered the public domain on January 1st, 2022, Ninety-Six years […]
Glen Kalem-Habib22/08/2022

Mikhail Naimy: When Kahlil Gibran found "a new Michelangelo"

Kahlil Gibran was not the only writer of New York's "Little Syria" who devoted himself […]
Arthur Blok05/08/2022

'Kahlil Gibran Collective'-founder, filmmaker and researcher Glen Kalem is joining the Levant News

“Work is love made visible” is one of Glen Kalem’s favorite quotes from Kahlil Gibran’s […]