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Russel Lee Morris11/04/2023

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit,
part two

More secret hidden notes,Reform Club MeetingHistory 101The Money PartVenturing 201 Once The Recession Planis fully […]
Russel Lee Morris18/03/2023

Trump Freedom Cities

President Trump has once againlet the lightof The Natural Economic Ordershine through,in his latest video […]
Russel Lee Morris07/06/2022

What Happens when Part of a Bigger Country Decides to be Independent?

The Region going Independent,as a particular part (Ukraine, for example)of a bigger country (Russia, for […]
Russel Lee Morris07/04/2022

“Burn pit” Biden and Gunpowder

A new guy has joined Angel’sdemurrage gang.He works in the Mining businessextracting Nitre,not in the […]
Russel Lee Morris25/01/2022


Netaji Declassified UNCENSORED.The Emilie Schenkl mystery revealed.Why do you see so much publishedabout the ARMY […]
Russel Lee Morris26/10/2021

New Heavyweight Contender in The Money War

Preface.Mothers give birth to the children.So Mother’s are the causeof rent.If there were no children […]
Russel Lee Morris17/10/2021

The Third Shibboleth Meeting is Coming

One cold dark nightin the dead of winterjust below the castlethere was a meeting;a masquerade […]
Russel Lee Morris14/10/2021

The Two Edged Sword Coming from The Mouth of V

continued fromA Meeting Deep in the Desert Mosley (on the phone):“I work for the company […]
Russel Lee Morris12/10/2021

A Meeting Deep in The Desert

continued from part five:Everyone fell asleep,it was so lateand everyone was tired.Now we are in […]
Russel Lee Morris26/04/2021


Angel has disappeared.She gave me directions in a messagewhich she left on my phone.“Go to […]
Emad Aysha27/02/2021

BOOK REVIEW – Angel NicGillicuddy’s poetic play on post-financial meltdown economics

As avid readers of The Levant News you no doubt know the poetry columns we […]
Russel Lee Morris26/02/2021

Notes Released from The 2nd Annual Shibboleth Meeting

Where it was discussed a more detailed elaboration regarding TRUMP MONEY WITH DEMURRAGE. Trump and […]
Russel Lee Morris09/02/2021

Unhoardable Money with Demurrage and The Security Issue Solved

Everybody is so worried about the digital currency and it’s security. PAPER money is much […]
Russel Lee Morris25/01/2021

The 2nd Shibboleth Dead of Winter Meeting Planned

Last year’s main topic was inaugurating The First Free-Money Bank. This year the main topics […]
Russel Lee Morris22/01/2021

Ode to Baron Hotels

In recognition to the creators of such greatness; the WORK in which Kabir Mulchandani and […]
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