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A touch of Dubai’s Glitter and Glamour hits Rotterdam

Image credits: Mate Rimac (left) is shaking hands with Michel Perridon. Picture by Damon Righter.

The Dutch harbor city of Rotterdam got a touch of Dubai's glitter and glamour last week. Dutch business tycoon Michel Perridon (1962) received the first-ever full-electric Bugatti Rimac Nevera in Rotterdam at an exclusive gathering. This milestone for fast-car lovers was celebrated in the lush garden of state monument Buitenplaats Welgelegen, the global headquarters of Perridon Holdings.

By Arthur Blok
It was indeed an exclusive event. A fine selection of friends and other VIP guests gathered at the impressive estate built in the third quarter of the 19th century by a wealthy Dutch harbor baron and entrepreneur, Philippus van Ommeren. In 1888, a wealthy local banker bought the villa. In 2014, it ended up in the hands of Perridon (1962), who restored it to its original glory.

The creator of the latest Bugatti, Mate Rimac (also known as the Croatian Elon Musk), joined forces after buying a majority share in Bugatti in 2021. Rimac came to Rotterdam himself to hand Perridon the keys, who could not wait to take the supercar for a first. “If you are a collector like me, these are the moments you live for,” Perridon said at the event.

The electric hypercar, which has 2,000 horsepower, set all speed records earlier this year. It can launch to 100 mph in 3.1 seconds, hit 200 mph from rest in under 11 seconds, and reach a top speed of 256 mph.

In collaboration with Rimac Rotterdam, operated by Pon Luxury & Performance Cars, the event celebrated the arrival of the first example of the Nevera to the Netherlands and their partnership.

The first ever Bugatti Rimac Nevera to hit the roads in The Netherlands Picture by Damon Righter

“I am excited to see more Nevera hit the roads worldwide,” Rimac said when he handed over the keys to Perridon. “This example will surely turn heads. We're delighted to see it in the hands of passionate enthusiasts.”

Perridon, visibly touched by the moment, said: “It is an honor to be personally handed over this magnificent example by Mate Rimac. In the colors of the Dutch national flag. Just as I envisioned it, it's a privilege to make history together with the Rimac team."

In the past years, Perridon Holdings has become synonymous in Dubai for organizing the most exclusive events. After the Dutch businessman opened a local branch of his investment group, Perridon Holdings, he regularly resides in Dubai.  

He has one of the world's largest collections of Bugattis, consisting of 33 cars, the Rimac Nevera counted; a long-time enthusiast of the Bugatti family’s work, he became a friend of some distinguished Italian family dynasty members.

Past events included a 10-star Michelin dinner at the Burj Khalifa, a fusion event combining Bugatti & Polo, and being the co-organizer of the prestigious 40th annual Bugatti festival in Molsheim (France), showcasing some of the masterpieces of his Bugatti collection.

“We are always looking for new opportunities and continuously ask ourselves, ' Has it been done before?' If the answer is negative, we will probably say, "Let’s try, " Perridon emphasized.  

Inside the Buitenplaats Welgelegen Perridon exhibits rare Bugatti furniture and sculptures, which are exclusive pieces that were never on display to the general public. Perridon: “Surprisingly, the world is unaware of Bugatti's fascinating history. Its legacy includes top-notch items that became synonyms for fascinating richness and diversity.”

Perrdion is determined to share this unique story with the world. He is finalizing plans to launch the Perridon Experience, an extraordinary ride through time where an exceptional selection of Bugatti items will be displayed for the public.

More information on location and launch date will follow soon.

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