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Russel Lee Morris24/09/2022

There’s Something Special aboutThe Disney Kingdom

Walt was a nice man,The Mainstream Mediatarnished his reputationafter he died.But he had a Plan;to […]
Russel Lee Morris11/09/2022

Poupelle of Chimney Town Nashino Akihiro Bigger Than Disney …

it is possible! …using unhoardable money withDemurrage (holding charges) Only three chapters of the bookare […]
Russel Lee Morris30/08/2022

“Who Is Missing”

Angel and Vare snuggling up next to each other,it’s a little bit coldin the big […]
Russel Lee Morris14/08/2022

Secret Meetings excerpt

From the top of the wallbetween the parapets,the view is beautiful and peacefulas Angel NicGillicuddyand […]
Russel Lee Morris29/06/2022

The Beast on “Reproductive Healthcare”

Don’t get carried away by thisbourgeois terminology,it’s a very dangerous shibbolethinto a very evil world,and […]
Russel Lee Morris07/06/2022

What Happens when Part of a Bigger Country Decides to be Independent?

The Region going Independent,as a particular part (Ukraine, for example)of a bigger country (Russia, for […]
Russel Lee Morris06/05/2022

Angel NicGillicuddy Secret Meeting in Russia

Driving all nightThe Big Black Barracuda (B3)reaches the destination,deep in the forestin a very old […]
Russel Lee Morris03/05/2022

G20 Special Report on Hoardable Money

The same old trickbut now on The World Stage,where everyone with a TV,computer or phonecan […]
Russel Lee Morris25/04/2022

Angel NicGillicuddy Heads to Russia

By the wayThe Soviet Republic of BavariaApril 1919offered Silvio Gesellhis first and only big break,as […]
Russel Lee Morris20/04/2022

Angel NicGillicuddy in Donetsk

Getting to know paper US dollarsand how they workin newly independent regions,even in the midst […]
Russel Lee Morris12/04/2022

US Dollars on their Way to Putin

With all the Biden sanctioningUS Dollars just aren’t needed so muchso Putin has declaredall payments […]
Russel Lee Morris07/04/2022

“Burn pit” Biden and Gunpowder

A new guy has joined Angel’sdemurrage gang.He works in the Mining businessextracting Nitre,not in the […]
Russel Lee Morris01/04/2022

Poop Alchemy

The poop was never just“dumped out at sea”like they say.It went toThe Gunpowder Factory. The […]
Russel Lee Morris18/03/2022

Good Cop Bad Cop Strategy

TRUMPPUTINThe world is changing,deals are being made, right now,based on a more stable US economy(and […]
Russel Lee Morris14/03/2022

A New X-Rated Film Could be the key

to finding out who is alreadyusing US dollars with demurrage. Already. The idea has been […]