Ukrainian Disinformation Agency Re-issues its Black List of 35 High Profile Americans including Tucker Carlson Accused of Disseminating Russian Propaganda Narratives

Image credits: Steven Seagal, US action star, had befriended Putin long before the current Ukraine blacklist. [Alexei Nikolsky | Credit: AFP/Getty Images]

The Ukrainian government again included me on their list for publishing a new peace proposal in The National Interest entitled, "A Cease Fire Could Ensure Continued Ukrainian Independence"

By David T. Pyne

Following Russia’s formal annexation of four Russian-occupied Ukrainian regions constituting fifteen percent of Ukraine’s territory and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree of full Russian military mobilization which will cause Ukrainian forces to be outnumbered and overwhelmed once they are deployed to Ukraine in December, the Ukrainian government appears to be growing increasingly desperate resorting to ever more extreme forms of information warfare to advance their objectives. Ukrainian forces have been attempting to retake as much lost territory in their current counteroffensive as possible before major Russian reinforcements arrive knowing this will be their last chance to do so before the momentum permanently shifts to the Russian Federation. While they have succeeded in recapturing 6-8% of Russian occupied territory during the past month, they have reportedly suffered heavy casualties, greatly reducing their ability to engage in future counteroffensives.

In the latest sign of their desperation, the U.S. State Department funded Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation, which is part of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, published an updated black list of 35 “high profile” Americans whom they have publicly denounced as “information terrorists subject to being tried as war criminals”. The list consisting of individuals who have been critical of the prevailing Biden regime media Ukraine war narrative and have refused to follow its lead in regurgitating Ukrainian government propaganda and disinformation which has brainwashed most U.S. policymakers to support an undeclared proxy war on Russia in Ukraine in polar opposition to U.S. national security interests. This undeclared proxy war could provoke an unnecessary Third World War between NATO and Russia, which would quickly escalate to the nuclear level and would could result in hundreds of millions of European and American deaths. They listed me as the 19th American on the list, down two places from their original black list, just before former America First patriot and U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

To provide you with further background to the story, here is a link to my press release issued in response to the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation placing me on their original black list back in July. After I emailed them back in July, I am pleased to see that they have corrected their mispelling of my last name on their original list. New U.S. additions to their international blacklist of pro-peace nationalist political leaders and opinion makers include Fox News host Tucker Carlson, actor Steven Seagal, U.S. military strategist Edward Luttwak, columnist Doug Bandow, Paul Pillar who serves with me as a fellow columnist for The National Interest and Jeremy Kuzmarov, a writer at Covert Action Magazine.

Surprisingly, they omitted billionaire, and soon to be Twitter owner, Elon Musk from the list despite the fact that he recently issued a peace proposal calling for new referendums in four Russian annexed Ukrainian regions. Despite his peace proposal being more favorable to Ukraine than Russia, Musk was vehemently attacked by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy who remains adamantly opposed to a peace agreement ending the war. By contrast, Musk’s peace proposal was praised by the Kremlin which has been attempting to negotiate a peace agreement from the first week the war began with Putin re-iterating his interest in peace talks just this past weekend.

Without a doubt, the Ukrainian government continues to be annoyed that they failed to silence me with their last blacklist given that I published a new peace proposal in The National Interest this past weekend calling for an immediate and permanent cease-fire along with an armistice agreement ending the war in Ukraine. My peace proposal, entitled “A Ceasefire Can Ensure Ukrainian Independence” has been one of the most popular articles on The National Interest website over the past few days generating increased interest in my previous article “Will American Aid to Ukraine Provoke a Russian Nuclear Strike.

Here are some key excerpts from my peace proposal:

“There is only one way the West can prevent Ukraine from being defeated on the battlefield over the next several months and avoid a nuclear conflict with Russia: a return to diplomacy. President Joe Biden needs to call for an immediate cease-fire and armistice agreement to save Ukraine, ensure its security, and preserve its political and economic independence with control of at least 81 percent of its territory. It is in the U.S. national security interest to have Russia and Ukraine negotiate a permanent cease-fire as soon as possible and avoid potential nuclear escalation. The Biden administration should offer to not implement new economic sanctions against Russia, stop sending more U.S. troops to Eastern Europe, and suspend lethal military assistance to Ukraine in exchange for an immediate and sustained Russian ceasefire. A relaxation of sanctions following a peace deal would provide economic relief to millions of Americans suffering from a recession triggered by Western sanctions against Russia.”

The terms of the armistice agreement would be as follows:

1. All hostilities between the Russian Federation and Ukraine will cease immediately.

2. All Western lethal military assistance to Ukraine will be suspended so long as Russia honors the terms of the armistice agreement.

3. Russia will immediately suspend its Black Sea blockade of Ukraine.

4. The United States, Canada, European Union (EU), Japan, Australia, and New Zealand will lift their bans on Russian food and fuel exports.

5. All prisoners of war (POWs) will be returned to their home country.

6. United Nations (UN) peacekeepers from neutral countries will be deployed along the line of control where fighting has occurred in recent weeks. (Optionally, a four-kilometer wide demilitarized zone could be created along the borders of the four Russian annexed Ukrainian regions.)

7. Delegations from the Russian and Ukrainian governments will convene a conference immediately in Istanbul, Turkey to resume negotiations for a peace agreement where both parties left off when Ukraine withdrew from the negotiations in April.

While Ukraine stands the most to gain from an armistice agreement, every nation involved in the conflict could legitimately claim victory. Western leaders and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy could assert that they expelled Russian forces from four Ukrainian oblasts. Putin could claim “mission accomplished” for Russia’s special military operation. Ending the war as quickly as possible will save the lives of tens of thousands of Ukrainians and prevent the country from being overrun by Russian forces.”

Were it not for the refusal of Ukrainian government leaders to accept a much more favorable peace agreement back in April, the war would have ended five to six months ago and Kherson and Zaporizhzhia would still be part of Ukraine today. As editor of “The Real War” newsletter, you can count on me to remain a courageous voice for peace and to continue standing up for the best interests of the Ukrainian people to save Ukraine from much greater death, destruction and territorial losses than they have tragically suffered thus far.

Here is a complete list of all the individuals on the most blacklist issued by the Ukrainian CCD. The names of those added to the list are underlined.

1.       Helga Zepp-Larouche (Germany): Founder and president of the Schiller Institute.

2.       Graham E. Fuller (U.S.): Ex-vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council for Long-term Forecasting.

3.       Jens Jorgen Nielsen (Denmark): Specialist in Russian-Danish relations.

4.       Eric Denece (France): Retired French intelligence officer.

5.       Richard Black (U.S.): Marine and Army Colonel (ret.).

6.       Ray McGovern (U.S.): Former official of the CIA.

7.       Jim Jatras (U.S.): Former advisor to the leadership of the Republican Party in the Senate.

8.       Harley Schlanger (U.S.): Vice-president of the Schiller Institute USA.

9.       Alain Corvez (France): Colonel (ret.).

10.   Shakeel Ahmad Ramay (Pakistan): Political economist.

11.   Dr. Wang Wen (China): Doctor of Financial Research, Institute of Shanghai.

12.   Tony Magliano (U.S.): Researcher of social justice and peace.

13.   Jay Naidoo (South Africa): Cabinet Minister under President Nelson Mandela.

14.   Chen Xiaohan (China): Representative of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament.

15.   Alessia Ruggeri (Italy): Trade union activist.

16.   P.S. Raghavan (India): Former Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation.

17.   Saeed Naqvi (India): Indian journalist.

18.   Dr. George Koo (U.S.): Expert in the field of trade between the USA and China.

19.   Jacques Cheminade (France): Former White House EIR Correspondent.

20.   Caleb Maupin (U.S.): RT correspondent.

21.   Prof. Li Xing (Denmark): Professor of the Research Center for Development and International Relations, Department of Politics and Society, Aalborg University.

22.   Ulf Sandmark (Sweden): Head of the Schiller Institute in Sweden.

23.   Leonardo Tricarico (Italy): General (ret.), former Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

24.   Dr. Wolfgang Bittner (Germany): Doctor of Legal Sciences.

25.   Sam Pitroda (India): Entrepreneur and politician.

26.   Dr. Clifford Kiracofe (U.S.): President of the Washington Institute for Peace and Development.

27.   Diane Sare (U.S.): Candidate for the post of US Senator from New York.

28.   Geoff Young (U.S.): Democratic Party candidate for the US Congress from Kentucky.

29.   Mike Callicrate (U.S.): Specialist in agriculture.

30.   Jason Ross (U.S.): Finance specialist, Secretary-Treasurer of The LaRouche Organization.

31.   Francesca Donato (Italy): Member of the European Parliament.

32.   Thierry Mariani (France): Member of the European Parliament.

33.   Clare Daly (Ireland): Member of the European Parliament.

34.   Jeal-Lin Lacapelle (France): Member of the European Parliament.

35.   Doug Bandow (US):

36.   Edward Luttwak (US): military strategist.

37.   Muneo Suzuki (Japan): Member of the House of Councillors.

38.   Eric Zemmour (France): Politician, journalist.

39.   Scott Ritter (U.S.): Former intelligence officer of the Marine Corps.

40.   J. Michael Springman (U.S.): Ex-diplomat.

41.   David Pyne (U.S.): Former Army officer.

42.   Tulsi Gabbard (U.S.): Army Reserve officer, former Congresswoman.

43.   Robert Fico (Slovakia): Former Prime Minister of Slovakia.

44.   Patrick Basham (U.S.): Scientist.

45.   Brian Berletic (U.S.): Former Marine.

46.   Dragana Trifkovic (Serbia): Serbian publicist, former OSCE member.

47.   Jacques Baud (Switzerland): Former employee of Swiss Intelligence.

48.   Matt Robson (New Zealand): Ex-minister of Foreign Affairs.

49.   T.J. Coles (UK): Grayzone.

50.   Jeffery David Sachs (U.S.): Economist.

51.   Rand Paul (U.S.): Senator.

52.   Douglas MacGregor (U.S.): Army Colonel (ret.), advisor to the Defense Secretary.

53.   Paul Pillar (US): Intelligence analyst.

54.   George Vukadinovic (Serbia): Political analyst.

55.   Olivier Dujardin (France): Military analyst.

56.   Manuel Pineda (Spain): Member of the European Parliament.

57.   Steve H. Hanke (U.S.): Economist.

58.   Nicholas Bay (France): Member of the European Parliament.

59.   Herve Juvin (France): Member of the European Parliament.

60.   Marine Le Pen (France): Politician.

61.   Martin van Creveld (Israel): Military analyst.

62.   Florian Philippot (France): Politician.

63.   Nicholas Dupont-Aignan (France): Politician.

64.   Alice Schwarzer (Germany): Journalist.

65.   Rolf Mützenich (Germany): Member of the Bundestag.

66.   Glen Greenwald (U.S.): Journalist.

67.   Bradley Blankenship (U.S.): Journalist, columnist.

68.   Ding Gang (China): Researcher at the Institute of Financial Research of China.

69.   Kim Dotcom (Germany): Blogger.

70.   Dr. John J. Mearsheimer (U.S.): Political scientist.

71.   Chui Hongjian (China): Expert in European Affairs.

72.   Harlan Ullman (U.S.): Columnist.

73.   Christian Hacke (Germany): Political scientist.

74.   Johannes Warwick (Germany): Political scientist.

75.   Tomasz Jankowski (Poland): Historian, political scientist.

76.   Ben Swann (US): RT America.

77.   Domenico Quirico (Italy): La Stampa.

78.   Giorgio Bianchi (Italy): Documentarist, photo journalist.

79.   Jeremy Kuzmarov (US): Covert Action Magazine.

80.   Chay Bowes (Ireland): Covert Action Magazine.

81.   Sonja van den Enden (DPR/Netherlands): Journalist.

82.   Tomas Reper (DPR/Germany): Journalist.

83.   Xavier Moreau (France/Russia): Center for Political and Strategic Analysis.

84.   Adrian Boke (France): x-military.

85.   Sandro Teti (Italy): publisher, Baku International Multiculturalism Center, Foundation for the Russian Nobel Lauret Zhores Alierov.

86.   David Miller (UK): journalist, Spinwatch,

87.   Roger Waters (UK): Pink Floyd.

88.   Gulbaal Viktorovich Rtskhiladze (Georgia): Academic, Tbilisi Open University.

89.   Gianandrea Gaiani (Italy): Military analyst, editor of Analisi Difesa magazine..

90.   Steven Seagal (US): Actor.

91.   Tucker Carlson (US): Fox News.

92.   Yoweri Museveni (Uganda): President.

93.   Jan Øberg (Denmark): Doctor of sociology.

94.   Eva Bartlett (DPR/Canada): Journalist.

© David T. Pyne 2022

David T. Pyne, Esq. is a former U.S. Army combat arms and Headquarters staff officer, who was in charge of armaments cooperation with the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas from 2000-2003, with an M.A. in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. He currently serves as Deputy Director of National Operations for the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and is a contributor to Dr. Peter Pry’s book “Blackout Warfare” as well as the upcoming book “Will America Be Protected?” which is due to be released later this year. He also serves as the Editor of “The Real War” newsletter at He may be reached at

Source: The Real War

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